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Pierce Brosnan Net Worth 2023 | Pierce Brosnan Bibliography

Pierce Brosnan Net Worth | Pierce Brosnan Career,

Pierce Brosnan net worth is $ 95 million. Pierce Brosnan wife, pierce Brosnan movies, pierce Brosnan children, pierce Brosnan the son, all other information is available.Pierce Brosnan Net Worth Pierce Brendan Brosnan is an Irish actor, film producer, and activist.

Brosnan is not only an Irish citizen but also a naturalized US citizen. After a stage acting career, he became popular in the television series Remington Steel (1982-1987). He is probably best known for his role as James Bond in GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies.Mr. Brosnan was born as an only child in Navan, County Meath, Ireland, on May 16, 1953. At the age of 11, he left Ireland to live with his mother in England, where she studied nursing. His father left home when Brosnan was a baby.

Pierce Brosnan Net Worth 2023
Pierce Brosnan Net Worth

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In England, he studied acting with dance/drama teacher Yat Malmgren. Before Bond, he is best remembered for his role as Remington Steele on television. After being voted the sexiest man alive, Brosnan suffered heartache as he lost his first wife and eldest daughter to ovarian cancer. He had three children from his first wife and two from his second. Pierce Brosnan Net Worth estimated $ 80 million.

Pierce Brosnan Net Worth | Pierce Brosnan Career,

Pierce Brendan Brosnan, better known as Pierce Brosnan, is a well-known actor, producer, artist and businessman, whose fortune is estimated at $ 95 million. Brosnan earned the bulk of his fortune by playing the famous James Bond in films like Tomorrow Never Dies, GoldenEye, Little World, and Die Again.

He is also the voice actor for two James Bond games, All or Nothing and Bond 007: Night Fire. He is considered one of the best actors of all time and one of the wealthiest actors in the world. Pierce Brendan Brosnan was born on May 16, 1953, in Ireland.

Pierce Brosnan Net Worth 2023
Pierce Brosnan Net Worth 2023

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There, Pierce studied acting and made his acting debut in 1982 with the Remington Steele series. Famous film producers and directors noticed Brosnan, so in 1995 he was allowed to increase his net worth by playing James Bond after Sean Connery and Roger Moore.

Year The salaryDescription
2012 r.USD 2,600,000Sale of an asset: The value of his home in Malibu after the sale, which he bought for $ 600,000 in 1996.
2010 r.USD 10,100,000Assets: The cost of his mansion in Malibu
2002 yearUSD 4,000,000Earnings from Golden Eye
1999 yearUSD 8,200,000Wages from tomorrow will never die
1997 yearUSD 12,400,000Wages in the world are not enough
1995 yearUSD 16,500,000Die Another Day Earnings
Pierce Brosnan Net Worth 2023

Pierce Brosnan owns two estates. The first is a California home located in Malibu, Los Angeles County. He bought this grand mansion in 1996 for $ 600,000. At the time, Pierce Brosnan’s fortune was large enough to buy such an expensive property. This California home has 3 bedrooms, a media room, and white oak flooring. The total area of ​​this property is nearly 8,000 square feet. In addition, Brosnan also bought Orchid House in Broad Beach, Malibu, California.

Pierce Brosnan Net Worth 2023
Pierce Brosnan Net Worth 2023

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Pierce Brosnan is also known as a fan of various vehicles. He owns 4 cars: the luxurious Aston Martin Vanquish, Maserati Gran Tourismo, BMW Z3, and Hydrogen 7. The latter is considered environmentally friendly, which is not surprising as Pierce Brosnan is an active environmentalist who cares about nature. Life on planet Earth.

As an environmentalist, Brosnan is one of 29 supporters of the Ocean Organization, one of the world’s largest international organizations protecting marine and marine mammals. Together with his wife, Keely Shaye Brosnan supports the Natural Resources Defense Council founded in 1970.

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This organization is trying to help solve environmental problems such as global warming, climate change, energy efficiency, and wildlife conservation. Pierce Brosnan’s fortune also allows him to support the Gibson Girls Foundation, which provides education in Los Angeles.

Pierce Brosnan Facts And Figures

Net worth$ 95 million
Date of BirthMay 16, 1953
Place of BirthDrogheda, Ireland
Height6’2 ” (1.88 m)
Weight195 lbs (88.64 kg)
ProfessionActor, Producer, Entrepreneur, Activist, Artist, Artist, Ecologist
NationalityRepublic of Ireland
SpouseKeely Shaye Smith (m. 2001), Cassandra Harris (m. 1980-1991)
ChildrenCharlotte Brosnan, Dylan Brosnan, Sean Brosnan, Paris Brosnan, Christopher Brosnan
NicknamesPierce Brendan Brosnan, Irishman, Colonel Chunky, Pierce Brendan Brosnan, OBE, Pierce Brosnan
TV showRemington Steele, Bag of Bones, Other
Pierce Brosnan Net Worth 2023

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Pierce Brosnan Net Worth 2023


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